Hello, I'm ADAM!!!

Hello, I'm ADAM!!!

Keener Adventures is thrilled to announce that we have launched our new assistance AI to help you. ADAM, at the moment, can only help with Activity Recommendations, but the more that he is used, the more helpful he can become.

Ever wanted help looking for that perfect activity or couldn't tell if one activity sounded better? That's where ADAM comes in. ADAM  gathers data from our fantastic users and helps you create a better way to find what you're looking for regarding Keener Adventures services.

How do I talk to ADAM?

Easy, on the KeenerAdventures.com website, there will be a chat icon in the lower right-hand corner. He makes it as easy as texting your friends (and replies 10 times faster).

Can he make reservations for activities outside of Keener Adventures?

Not at this time. ADAM is still learning, and like an infant, we don't want to scare him with too much information.

Can we use him at our Business?

Not right now. As we said, ADAM is still learning. Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media, and we will let you know when he can help with booking other activities and how to introduce ADAM to your company.

I have a question or issue. Who do I contact?

For questions or concerns concerning ADAM please contact Reef directly at reef@keeneradventures.com. Any information you can give will be helpful.