A new update to our company's Cancellation & Refund Policy at Keener Adventures LLC for all of our activites.

Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash

EFFECTIVE DATE: Bookings made after March 1st 2024

Due to new operations and partnerships, Keener Adventures LLC has decided to revisit updating our company's Cancellation and Refund policies. Please learn how these updates will affect you as our amazing patrons.


As shown in the Cancellations As shown in the Cancellations box above, we will update it. The Policy will differ between activities and will be structured to the specific activity. We highly recommend that you read this before making your reservation.


Trip Protection is an addon that can be purchased to receive a refund or reschedule your activity with us or our partners. This is basically a more flexible Refund/Reschedule policy. Below is a screenshot of an example.

This will be utilized across our activities on our website. We recommend that you check to see what the Booking policy is for your activity.

TRIP PROTECTION IS NOT INSURANCE: This is simply another type of cancellation policy that you can opt for. For more information, please contact us.

FAQ Regarding this Update

How much will it cost to add to my activity?

It will be an additional 15% of your activity subtotal to addon. We highly recommend this to assist you if anything unexpected arises so you can have a more flexible policy.

What happens if I do not purchase this?

You will be held to the regular cancellation standards we posted for this activity.

I booked through a partner. Will I be held to the same standards?

Depending on the partner, yes. We highly recommend booking through us to guarantee that you get the best bang for your buck and the option of adding Trip Protection to your activity.

I bought my activity through a third party. Can I add on Trip Protection?

Yes, to add on Trip Protection, you must contact us within 24 hours of booking your activity to add this to your activity. If you do not, we will not be able to add this. We will charge you 15% of the amount you paid through our partner.

How will I get my refund if I go through this way?

You will still get your refund added back to the payment method you used to reserve your activity.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

If you have more questions, please reach out to Keener Adventures LLC. Directly for help with your questions. We will be happy to assist.